Smudging Sampler Collection of 7 Smudge Bundles FB2171

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A great sampler pack including 7 different smudge bundles!

This collection includes one each of the following:

1. Dragon's Blood
2. Palo Santo (2 sticks)
3. Blue Sage
4. Desert Sage
5. White Sage
6. Cedar
7. Yerba Santa

You will also receive a chart with a photo of each smudge stick and it's corresponding name so you can identify each one included in the collection.

To Use:  Light the bundle from the top end and carry carefully over a flame proof smudge stick holder, bowl or other suitable item.  You can also crush the leaves and sprinkle them over a lit charcoal tablet placed in a fire proof bowl. Allow the smoke to reach all corners of the room you are cleansing or hold your crystals above the smoke for a few seconds.

These measure approximately 4" long and you will receive a set of 6 smudge sticks measuring about 4" long, and a set of two fragrant palo santo wood sticks.

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