Sodalite Slab, Panic Attacks, Self-Esteem, Truth, Communication, Healing

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I absolutely love slabs for creating crystal grids and to place my special crystals on.  It not only elevates the crystal grid for me but makes for a very pretty display, as well as adding the metaphysical properties of the slab itself to your space and to the crystals in the grid you set up.

Sodalite encourages positive changes within and pertaining to oneself.  Aids in being less critical and more objective about important issues in your life.  A good general communication stone that addresses issues of truth, logic and helps to clarify ideas.  It is used for developing your intuition and aiding the development of psychic abilities and is considered a good meditation stone. It bolsters self-esteem and self-worth, and lightens a heavy heart.  It is good for calming the emotions and to lessen panic attacks. 

- wisdom, healing, clairvoyance, meditation, panic attacks -

I love to place crystal grids on slabs for two reasons.  For me, placing a crystal grid on a slab, or tile, or hand drawn picture or affirmation "elevates" the intent of the crystal grid. 

Secondly, if you are using a stone slab you are adding the metaphysical properties of that crystal to the properties of the stone you place upon it.  This slab is a good size for a sphere or pyramid with some crystals around it, or a small crystal grid.

These pieces have been bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid and retuned with vibrational sound.


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