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Sphere or Carved Egg Stands, Engraved Wood Rounds, FB2584

$ 6.00

These wood engraved sphere and egg stands come with assorted sacred geometry, or other symbology and were so interested and unique I had to get some to share here!

These match the wood engraved crystal grid bases I recently added to our collection of crystal grid "must-haves"!

Using a natural wood base brings nature energy to your crystal layouts and adds a nice layer of energy from the symbology engraved into the wood itself.

Please note all tumbled stones or carved pieces pictured are for illustration purposes only and may be available separately.  These are handmade so the sizes, wood grain, etc may vary a bit from piece to piece.

The 2 inch holders will hold spheres up to about 4 inches in diameter, and the 3 inch holders will hold spheres up to 6 inches in diameter.

Egg carvings are a bit trickier as it simply depends on how the bottom of the piece is carved and how the weight is distributed, but I have had some luck with these holding carved eggs as well as spheres. 😊

Available at the time of this posting:

  • Moon Phases, 2"
  • Metatron's Cube, 2"
  • Metatron's Cube, 3"



Type: Stands



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