White Spirit Quartz from South Africa; FB1313

Regular price $ 4.50

This is beautiful, sparkly Spirit Quartz from South Africa. Each is different and unique, and all have a lovely, somewhat lively energy to them.

There are tiny points encrusting the some of the pieces which are extremely reflective and others have lovely points. The tiny points are said to take the energies of the underlying crystal and amplify them.

These pieces feel comforting, lively, and they seem ready to be the center of a grid or a part of a crystal layout for your personal altar or sacred space.

Spirit Quartz is said to ease anguish and to comfort. Placing it in a room where you sleep may assist with dream recall and it can amplify the metaphysical properties of other crystals it is used with or near.

B, H, i - $4.50 each
D, G - $5.50 each
C, F, J, L - $7.00 each 
A - $12.00 
E, K - $17.00 each

Each piece has been retuned with vibrational sound and then bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid and will come with a crystal description card.


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