Stonehenge Preseli Bluestone Polished Wands / Points from Wales; FB1569

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Stonehenge Bluestone is found in the Presili Mountains in Wales and is a combination of dolorite, rhyolite and volcanic ash. They are said to have a history going back to the days of Stonehenge and before, and resonate strongly with the Earth's ley lines.

They are a powerful talisman, enhance psychic abilities and are useful in scrying and geomancy as they are said to be willing to share with their user knowledge and history of past civilizations.

All these stones have been daubed with a special Andara anointing oil before being placed in a copper pyramid to be bathed in moonlight over night. They have also been retuned with vibrational sound.

These wands are a really nice size, about 5" long, nicely polished and quite thick. 

Your wand will come with a crystal description card.

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