Thick Petrified Wood Slabs for Display or Crystal Grids FB2854

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These are lovely free form pieces of petrified wood that are quite thick with interesting patterns.

Petrified wood is a lovely choice if you are facing some obstacles or road blocks in your decision making or are feeling low energy or a bit of lethargy.  If you know someone who is experiencing homesickness, pair Petrified Wood with an Amethyst tumbled stone and gift the pair together :)

Petrified Wood assists one to maintain a steady progression towards your personal spiritual growth.  Petrified wood also helps one to deal with the feelings of longing related to homesickness.

It relates to both the base chakra and third eye chakra. Within the base chakra its energy brings patience and grounding.   This is a good stone for restoring physical energy and to help in achieving goals by helping you to see the obstacles that may be in your path so you can overcome them in order to accomplish your goals.  It is also said to bring a feeling of contentment and calm.

All my stones have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

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