Tree Agate Generator Polished Standing Point (Tower) FB2761

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Polished points are perfect for the center of a small crystal grid or to display on their own.  The points have been polished and cut with six facets at the top to create a generator point.

Deep green, Greenish gray and white clear swirls, patterns and splashes give these points a solid, stable, gentle, calm and grounded feel.

This stone encourages gentleness, and to remain centered and calm during times of stress and chaos.  Enhances a rapport with living things.  Known for both opening and activating the Chakras.

Tree Agate assists in gaining a connection with Nature. It is used in crystal grids for prosperity, self-discovery and good fortune.  It it known for promoting inner stability, marital fidelity, and strengthens family connections.

Tree Agate is also carried for safe travel.  This stone has lovely metaphysical properties and quite a different look to it from many of the other crystals I have in my collection.

Each piece has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.  You will also receive a crystal description card.

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