Tree of Life Meditation & Calm Collection with Soapstone Box & Layout

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This collection is made up of several wonderful items that are useful to use when creating a crystal grid or to add to your personal altar or sacred space. The crystals and essential oil blend were specially chosen to create a space or focal point for meditation, relaxation, and calm.

Included are:

• 4 Blue Lace Agate
• 3 Amethyst Points
• 2 Twelve-point Clear Quartz Merkaba Stars
• 1 Rose Quartz Generator Point
• 1 Tree of Life Layout
• 1 Black Narcissus essential oil sachet with Patchouli Leaves
• 1 Tree of Life Soapstone box
• 1 Tree of Life info card
• 1 Card identifying the items in the collection
• 1 Velvet Pouch to hold your tumbled stones

The box is hand carved and painted and I used a Black Narcissus anointing oil infused with the patchouli leaves. The sachet and crystals have been retuned with vibrational sound and kept in a copper pyramid for at least one full day.

The Tree of Life card stock layout can be used with this collection or used with any of your own crystals to create a crystal grid combined with the power of sacred geometry.

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