Trolleite Mini Angels from Brazil; FB1854

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Trolleite is a rare, beautiful crystal used to aid in healing and focus, as well as clarity. It is generally considered to be a Throat Chakra crystal. It can be used to help one find their "voice".

Trolleite contains Lazulite, Quartz and Scorzalite and is also thought to be a wonderful crystal for manifestation and for helping one to see new opportunities.

These angels have lovely colors and patterns and measure a petite 1" to about 1 1/4" tall. Each angel has been retuned with vibrational sound and has been bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid after being daubed with Angelic Reiki anointing oil.

These are perfect to place inside your pillowcase or carried in a small pouch 🦚

These mini angels are offered for $12.00 each. 

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