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Tumbled Fire & Ice (Rainbow) Clear Quartz - Stone of Power & Amplifies other Crystals

$ 3.00

These tumbled clear quartz pieces are excellent quality, extremely clear with the beautiful fissures that you find with Fire & Ice (Crackle Quartz, Rainbow Quartz) quartz. The fissures are created by exposure to extreme heat followed by quickly cooling the quartz.  It is quite rare to find these naturally and the majority of this type of quartz is a result of this heating and cooling process.

These numerous fissures create sparkling points of light and rainbows when held in direct light and turning the piece.

Clear Quartz is fabulous for healing and for amplifying energy. It is likely the most versatile "multipurpose" crystal you can find. It stimulates other crystals so it is wonderful to be used in grid layouts.

It works with all the chakras and is considered to be a "Stone of Power" and encourages and amplifies positive thinking and thought. Quartz crystals have been considered to be sacred powerful tools in many different cultures and traditions.  

You can't tell from the photos but when you turn these pieces the colorful rainbows that appear are so pretty!

Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~

Group N - $6 each, 7 available
Group O - $3 each, 39 available
Group T (sold in pairs) - 7 prs available, $1.45



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