Uplifting Joy Crystal Grid featuring extra large Pinolith tumbled stone; FB1432

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Pinolith, one of those tumbled stones we don't see very often, is the centerpiece of this crystal grid. I only have 6 collections available now and 2 more pending citrine points. This stone is wonderful for alleviating stress with its calming and gentle energy.

I have matched this stone with Citrine for happiness, its properties of promoting inner calm, security and harmony. Also included are four tumbled Crazy Lace Agate, a very joyful stone that helps us to find laughter and joy in the world.

This crystal grid of one extra large Pinolith, four citrine points and four tumbled crazy lace agate also comes with a grid in one of the 7 major chakra colors and a velvet pouch with crystal description cards.

You can create a grid as shown in the photographs or carry the tumbled stones with you in the velvet drawstring pouch. The grid base is a wonderful way to combine Sacred Geometry with any of your crystal grids including this one. You may receive one of the crystal grid layouts in either this color or another color with a similar pattern. 


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