Wood Round Crystal Grid Bases, Assorted Patterns; FB1246

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These wood crystal grid bases have several different patterns and are such a great complement to your crystal collections and sacred space. 

Using a natural wood base brings nature energy to your crystal grid and the Flower of Life layers onto that with the energy of Sacred Geometry. The pattern also acts as a blueprint to make it quite easy to create a crystal grid with sacred geometry placement.

The Moon Phase grid is one of my favorites, along with the Dragonfly on the Flower of Life Pattern

I also have a Flower of Life with and without Chakra symbols wood base that is another very popular pattern.  One of my favorites is the Tree of Life over Flower of Life and the cut out Mandala pattern

Please note all tumbled stones are crystals pictured are for illustration purposes only and are available separately.  These are handmade so the sizes of the bases and the darkness of the patterns vary from piece to piece.

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