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I love Angel, Tarot and Oracle cards and will be offering one of my favorite versions again for a limited time :)  

I have put aside several bowls of a large variety of tumbled stones and embossed gemstone wordstones,  along with Celestite, Seraphinite and Angelite under a Copper pyramid in front of a bay window where they get plenty of moonlight. I usually only “pull” cards late at night or very early in the morning when it is quiet and peaceful, and I only pull cards once or twice a week.

If you would like me to pull cards/crystals for you please let me know by emailing me at debbie@crystal-dragonfly.com and I will be happy to do one just for you.  You will receive an invoice by email within a day or so.

This is one of my favorite midnight callings.  I pull 3 different crystal oracle cards and match them up with their corresponding rough or tumbled stones.  I also place several dozen wordstones in a large velvet pouch and choose one for you.

I take all four together and prepare the messages associated with each stone/crystal and the meaning I get from the wordstone in a written accounting for you.

These pieces will come to you along with a velvet pouch, a dragonfly charm, and matching crystal description cards.

I love the idea that you will have something tangible to keep with you and tumbled stones can be carried with your or placed near your work area or bedside :) 

If I pull a card for a crystal that I do not have in the reading bowl I will use a comparable crystal with similar metaphysical properties.

I love all sorts of cards and have always felt a connection to angels!

Debra Watt
Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Angel Card Reader,  Certified Biddy Tarot Card Reader, Certified Assertiveness Coach 

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as medical or financial advice. Please see a medical professional or financial adviser for any health issues or financial guidance.

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