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November 11th, 12th the Northern Taurids Meteor Shower peaks and meteors will radiate from the Taurus Constellation but can appear anywhere in the sky. 

 The New Moon is on November 15th so make sure to scan the night sky to see the star clusters and galaxies that are visible without the light of the moon to interfere.

On November 16th, 17th meteors will radiate from the Constellation Leo bringing the Leonids Meteor Shower.

November 30th brings the Full Moon, referred to in North America as the Beaver Moon as it is the time of year to set beaver traps before rivers freeze up.

A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is also expected on November 30th when the moon passes through the Earth’s partial shadow (penumbra).  The moon does not darken completely during this eclipse, just partly.

I hope each of you will follow your own New Moon Rituals, open yourself up, and set the intentions for the month ahead. If you feel too focused on the details, remind yourself to keep your mind open, look at the bigger picture and even challenge yourself to focus on an area of life you may have been neglecting.

There are several especially great times to give your crystals a bit of lunar love this month so ensure they get a bit of lunar light this November!



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