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Hurray for June!  This month starts out on June 5th with June’s full moon and a Penumbral Eclipse (sorry, this won’t be visible from North America) This month’s full moon is referred to as the 🍓 Strawberry Moon🍓  in North America and European names include Mead Moon and the Rose Moon 🌹

Follow your Full Moon ritual, with focus on noticing what has been working for you and tweaking your approach for the things that have not been going as smoothly as you would like.

Get ready for the Summer Solstice (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) on June 20th.  This is the longest day of the year as it is the time when the Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer.

The summer solstice sparks many ancient Midsummer celebrations across the world including gatherings at Stonehenge, lighting bonfires, and attending festivals.

June 21st heralds this month’s New Moon so take advantage of the lack of bright moonlight to gaze above at far off galaxies and star clusters which can interfere with those celestial sightings. 

This date is also when an Annular Solar Eclipse will occur which results from the moon being too distant from Earth to completely cover the sun.  It brings a ring of light around the darkened moon.  Even though it will not be visible from North America, this date is a great time to put out those crystals that have been sharing your space with you! 🍓



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