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☀ July 2020 Celestial/Astrological Events

July has arrived and what a bright month it will be!  This month starts out with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse from July 4th through July 5th.  This occurs when the Earth, Sun and moon are imperfectly aligned resulting in dark shading across the moon’s surface.

Immediately following on July 5th is the Full Moon, known by early Native Americans as the Buck Moon.  Other names for this full moon are the Thunder Moon and the Hay Moon.

Follow your Full Moon ritual, with focus on noticing wh 4at has been working for you and tweaking your approach for the things that have not been going as smoothly as you would like.

July 14th is the day that Jupiter will reach its Opposition and will be at its closest approach to our beautiful Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun causing Jupiter to be at its brightest than at any other time of the year.  You may, with binoculars, even be able to four of its largest moons on either side of the planet.

July 20th is the New Moon and when Saturn will reach its opposition so make sure you look up to see Saturn shining much brighter than its surrounding stars.

July 28th and July 29th brings the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower.  This shower is produced from debris left behind by comets.  Don’t forget to look up to the sky and you may even see a bit of flash from this meteor shower.

These are especially great times to give your crystals a bit of lunar love so ensure they get a bit of lunar light during this very busy month!



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