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K - Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite - This stone emanates powerful peaceful feeling. It resonates with a powerful energy of love while it helps you to heal emotional wounds, increases self-esteem, releases negative feelings, and releases panic and fear.

Kunzite assists in developing intuition and aids with obtaining a deeper state of meditation. It is said to be good for ridding one of compulsive behaviors and removing obstacles from ones path. It is also excellent for panic attacks and reducing anxiety and stress. It can help one be more expressive when dealing with matters of the heart. - balance, love, luck, power, joy, depression, mood swings, relaxation -

Kunzite rough points
Kunzite Rough

Kyanite, Black - This form of kyanite is both grounding and has an energizing quality to it. It is calming and helps one to prepare for a wonderful state of mind for meditation. A wonderful healing crystal it is used to help repair both the aura and all the chakras. It is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency energy. It is also a good crystal to have with you in situations where there may be potential disagreements or conflict to help with communication and lessen the intensity of the atmosphere.

Black Kyanite Fans
Black Kyanite Fans

Kyanite (Blue) - Kyanite is a favorite of mine! I have two nice Kyanite blades wrapped with copper wire on my copper cleansing / charging pyramid. It will immediately align all of the Chakras automatically with no conscious direction. It is considered to be a great facilitator of meditation and will aid you if you are having difficulty settling the mind when meditation or relaxation is desired. It can open the Third Eye Chakra where it enhances foresight, meditation, psychic awareness and communication are stimulated on all levels. Encourages your ability to manifest. It aids with making decisions and encourages compassion. -calming, tranquility -

Blue Kyanite Cluster
Blue Kyanite Cluster


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