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Dragonfly Happy Rainbow Crystal Grid

$ 12.15

I created this crystal grid right after I saw a double rainbow after a very long period of gray and rainy weather!  I called it a happy rainbow grid, because it truly feels like exactly that!  Happy!  You can set these crystals up as I have, on a slab, table top or wherever you want to bring a little bit of brightness.

Many people set up crystal grids (a crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a geometric pattern) to help manifest an intention or to bring a feeling of positive energy to a space.

Or, you can carry some of them with you and set up the rest.  It's up to you :) 

You can purchase just the crystals, or you can purchase the crystals with the dragonfly as a set. I will include a colorful drawstring pouch and my pamphlet on using Crystals & Crystal Grids.

The crystal grid consists of:

  • 2 Clear Quartz Tumbled Stones / Crystals - amplifies the energy of the other crystals
  • 1 Green Fluorite (or Rainbow Fluorite) - neutralizes negative energy, creates order from chaos
  • 1 Citrine - is cheerful, promotes harmony and calming
  • 1 Carnelian - vitality, energy and motivation
  • 1 Sodalite – communication stone that addresses truth and encourages positive change
  • 1 Amethyst – promotes happiness, calm and serenity
  • 1 Lepidolite – vibrates with hope, light and unconditional love
  • 1 Dragonfly (optional) – its wings carry our hopes, dreams and desires. 
  • 1 Colorful Organza Drawstring Pouch
  • 1 Info sheet on the collection
  • 1 Pamphlet on Crystal Grids

* Please note that these are natural crystals / tumbled stones and as such they will have variations in color, weight, shape and natural markings. 

* A crystal grid is a grouping of tumbled stones or other rocks/crystals arranged in a geometric pattern.

The white slab is for display purposes only. 

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