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Balance Medicine Bag with Sunstone, Moonstone and Rose Quartz; FB1061

$ 11.00

This set of crystals was specially selected to help us with feeling balanced and finding balance in our day to day lives. To soothe out extremes and find that middle ground where we feel the best and do our best. Crystals can be placed in geometric patterns to create grids to direct energy toward a desired goal or carried in a personal pouch with us during the day.
This collection includes:
  • One Sunstone tumbled stone
  • One Moonstone tumbled stone
  • One Rose Quartz tumbled stone
  • One Velvet Pouch
  • One small Dragonfly
  • Info sheet on the stones selected and using your collection
Moonstone and Sunstone are included for balance in all areas of our lives and the Rose Quartz is included for calm, nurturing, peace, love and comfort.
All these crystals have been retuned with vibrational sound and then bathed in moonlight in our copper pyramid chargers before being carefully packed away awaiting their new homes.




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