Chakra Wooden Grid Base & Chakra Pyramids with Engraved Symbols and Pouch; FB1796

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Are you curious about working with your Chakras? Basically, our chakras govern different aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual health, our life energies. You want to keep them unblocked and spinning freely.

Meditation, visualization and meditation with crystals that correspond to our chakras can help clear blockages and allow them to help us stay on track, healthy and grow spiritually.

There is some basic info here if you'd like to read a bit more.

These wood blocks are each handmade roughly hewn slabs of wood that have been laser etched with the 7 major chakra symbols and then lacquered. They make a wonderful base for your crystal grids, grids related to your chakras or to display your crystal treasures. These wooden grids measure on average about 6" across and 1" thick or more.

The pyramids are engraved with the chakra symbols corresponding to the stone that the pyramid is carved from. I use these pyramids in my full chakra collections, and now you can get a set with just the pyramids, a velvet pouch and an info sheet in one collection.

The wooden bases and the pyramid collections are offered separately.  

Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~

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