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Dragonfly Gem Pouch - Love & Light Boxed Collection

$ 18.00

A lovely boxed set for sharing your love of crystal energy by giving crystals with matching metaphysical properties with the reason for the gifting.  This is also a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to crystals, and a unique gift as well.

The newest addition to our Gifting Crystals Collection. Love & Light offers two soothing stones, one with the word Light, and the second with the word Love engraved and painted in gold on two different types of gemstones. They come gift boxed with a pamphlet on connecting with your crystals, a satin pouch with Dragonfly charm, two crystal description cards with the metaphysical properties of the two soothing stones, and a a Love & Light Affirmation card.

A wonderful, thoughtful gift all ready to give :)  I've added a new picture of the new packaging with the rhinestone and bow on the box :)



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