Indigo Blue Fluorite Rough for relationships, stress and creating order FB2920

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These are natural / rough indigo blue fluorite in a beautiful deep blue / purple color with lovely sheen.

Fluorite produces an energy that promotes aptitude, discernment and is said to assist with creating order from  chaos. It provides a stabilizing energy, helping relationships and individuals flourish in a realm which is beneficial to both.

In addition to cleansing and stabilizing the aura, it is known for neutralizing negative energy and stress.

Your fluorite piece comes with a crystal description card and has been bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid.

  • Collection A, 1.40 each, 4 available
  • Collection B, 2.50 each, 4 available
  • Collection C, 4.50 each, 9 available
  • Collection D (green fluorite), 7.00, 1 available

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