Sitting Goddesses for your Altar or Sacred Space; FB1170

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Five different sitting goddesses, each one lovely and wonderful additions to your personal altar or sacred space. These figurines are offered individually.

The goddess symbol is related to Mother Earth and the Divine Mother. She represents love, nurturing and feminine strength.

The Divine Mother goddess emanates serenity and calmness as she cradles a semi-precious stone in her hands. Each goddess holds a different gemstone in her hands.

The Owl goddess represents wisdom as she sits with her owl and a feather by her side.

The Tenderness goddess is seen to be embracing the world in her arms while tiny leaves and vines are sprouting all around her.

Cerridwen is the Keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge and here she is mixing a potion of transformation.  She influences change, rebirth and transformation in both the spiritual and earthly realms.  Cerridwen's ability to prophesize brings forth intelligence, inspiration and wisdom.  Her cauldron holds sacred knowledge that she calls upon to assist one to find the path they seek.

The Talisman Goddesses are about 1.5 inches from top to bottom and come in a primitively constructed burlap pouch. She is perfect to add to a medicine bag or blessings bowl and you can add some of your own crystals to keep with her in her burlap pouch.

Each is hand made so there are variations and all measure approximately 3" tall.

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