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Peacock Ore 🦚 Healing - Protection - Happiness; FB1081

$ 3.00

🦚I recently came across a beautiful collection of this high quality Peacock Ore.  The colors are deep and engaging and the shapes are nice chunky free forms that would make for a lovely addition to your crystal grid or displayed on their own.

Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite) - is a stone that assists one in reaching a maintaining a meditative state and enhances your perception.  It removes energy blocks and is often used in healing grids including grids for reducing inflammation.  It is said to be helpful when trying to locate lost objects and is considered a protection stone against negativity.  It encourages a state of happiness and positivity, and prompts us to enjoy our current situations.  It is helpful in aligning all of our chakras.

Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.

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