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Protection Word Stone Pouch with Black Tourmaline Rough; FB2232

$ 7.25

Each word stone has been hand painted in gold with the word Protection. These are done by hand, not machine so some letters will not appear razor sharp or "machine pressed perfect".  😊

Each pocket stone will come with its own drawstring pouch, a small natural black tourmaline with bits of mica and clear quartz and a few white sage leaves.  Also included will be a crystal description card.

Stones for the intention of protection are very popular, make interesting and unique gifts, and are usually included in the top ten of custom requests that I receive :)

These have been anointed with a Black Tourmaline anointing oil blend and placed inside a pyramid with danburite, petalite, clear quartz, seraphinite and kyanite.

Enjoy!  🐸



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