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Tumbled Infinite stone, FB1080

$ 2.90

Infinite stone is a combination of Serpentine and Chrysolite from South Africa. It works in the auric field and releasing and removing blockages helps to heal. As a healing stone for the etheric body it can help with healing in the physical body. A good use for this stone is to keep it with you when you need rest and / or to place it under or next to your pillow to encourage a more restful sleep.

It is used in crystal grids with the intention to help heal feelings of betrayal and grief and helps to bring strong love, healing and protection energies.

These tumbled stones have been placed in a copper pyramid to be bathed in moonlight after being retuned with vibrational sound.

These are sold individually, and are nice and chunky with really nice color.  Medium size is about 1" and chunky, and large is very chunky and over 1"



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