Narmada Stone Yoni and Shiva Lingam Set; FB1365

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This two piece set is carved from Narmada River Stone.  These stones are hand polished by villagers who gather them from the Narmada river in India.  Their colors will vary, but will usually be a tan color with various brown, red or grey lines, spots or patches visible.  They are considered to be powerful healing stones that will assist in improving general health and overall well-being.

They particularly work well with the lower three Chakras making them a good choice to use in grids having to do with the reproductive system, including fertility, impotence, and other related issues.  It is also used in grids for reconciliation and cohesiveness among two or more persons. 

They are also known for opening the Heart Chakra to help to heal a broken heart.  When they activate the Heart Chakra they can help to release feelings of happiness, love, self-worth and contentment 

- general health, contentment, love, fertility, reconciliation - 

These pieces have been placed in a copper pyramid to be bathed in moonlight after being retuned with vibrational sound.  They will come with a crystal description card.

The yoni stand measures approximately 4" long and the shiva lingams are between 2"-2.25"

Together the Shiva Lingam and the Yoni represent balance, renewal and cleansing while promoting a healthy and balanced environment.

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